giovedì 30 agosto 2012

Absolutely Red

The red of my blood is the only color, not of my soul that I talk about is my body which has no shame.


Style Card

Hair:Baiastice - Moira

Make Up: +Nuuna+ GlamRock

Dress:AsHmoOt - Candy Ruffle MESH Minidress/Hot Red

                                (Also available in Aqua,Pink,Violet)

          VIRTUAL ARTS, GoldenSand Island 008 (62, 225, 30)

Shoes:ANEXX - BuckleWedgeBoots_Red


mercoledì 29 agosto 2012

*GooBye SummeR*

Why summer is passion, memories, slight breeze, sun pops up on the skin and face. Is the smile of the seasons, and passes, passes faster than any other, brings with it' a volume load of nostalgia that turns red in the fall.


Style Card

Hair: [Lelutka ] - Magdalen

Eyeshadow: +Nuuna+ Kati Make Up

Lipgloss: blackLiquid Make Up - Gold sheer shimer

Earrings: Morantique - Anima Earrings

Dress: Gizza - Goodbye Summer [Aqua]

Shoes: N-core - Sense2 "Champagne"

lunedì 27 agosto 2012

SkaTe GirL

Try before you do anything, up from skateboarding to pick up the camera!


Style Card


Eyeshadow:Zibska-Cosmetics-Wearable Samples in Berry (Jala)

Piercing:UtopiaH-Rainbow piercing

Earrings:RYCA-Earring LIGT Silver

Jeans Hip Hop & T-shirt Loose Street:$$ - NyTrO - $$ MESH Outfit Skate Girl Black( - NyTrO Main StOrE - $$ Urban & Street Clothes City Discrict, Diwira (32, 135, 21)


Shoes:(CS420) Emo Girl Slip on Skate Shoes



sabato 25 agosto 2012

I'm PoP...

             Style Card

Hair:TRUTH-Tamina Ivory

Skin:Nuuna's Skins Skittles Cheapy MED

Hat,Necklace,Cardigan,Top,Belt,Miniskirt,Ring,Socks & Shoes:*IRIS* Innuendo Italian Style by Ciccia Bergamasco (


           Style Card


Skin:Nuuna's Skins Skittles Cheapy Pale

Hat,Necklace,Blazer,Top,Ring,Bracelets,Belt,Capri,Shoes:*IRISblu* Innuendo Italian Style by Ciccia Bergamasco (


                                           Pop Art is a way of loving things


martedì 21 agosto 2012


                          The sea as the moon relaxes me

Style Card
Hair:Vanity Hair-Sunset Blvd v2 Browns
Earrings:{SMS} Native Bead Set Silver
Tunic:Maitreya-Xarra Tunic Angora
Boots:Maitreya Mesh Radical Boot *Suede Coal
Photo by Dawson Wylder

JogginG In PinK

What is more beautiful than ever jogging in central park when everyone is asleep yet!


Style Card

Hair:"LoQ Hair" Whisky II

MakeUp: -UtopiaH- Silenced & Tears

Lipstick: **Dalia'SkinS** LollypopStick

Eyeliner:Miamai-Xgen Vintage Liner B Black Plus

Earring:[BarCode] Wear Me (Bow Me Over -Icey-Silver)

Top&Pants:$$ - NyTrO - $$ MESH Street Hip Hop Outfit W Pink(New Release)

Shoes:Low Tops-Mesh Shoes Pink



lunedì 20 agosto 2012

Sidney Fashion Week

Fashion is the refinement that runs in front of the vulgarity and afraid of being overtaken.


Style Card

Hat:L'Accessoires-Glam Affair Lisanna Hat Pack

Chocker:Finesmith-Pearl Chocker Black

Dress:Maitreya Mesh Nolita Dress *Seashell

Boots:Maitreya Mesh Radical Boots *Suede Coal

sabato 18 agosto 2012


                                   Purple washes over me

Style Card

Hair:[Lelutka] Rykiel

Skin:Mojo-Violet Skin (Group Gift)

Top&Leggings:Erratic(Group Gift)

Bracelets:Erratic/Cuffs Silver


giovedì 16 agosto 2012


         Colors, like features, follow the changes of emotions.


Style Card

Hair: Zibska-NaN Hair

Earrings:[MANDALA]-SENJYU Earrings/Day Dream

Lipstick: **DaLia SkinS** LollypopLipstick (In Promo alla Siria's Fashion Room a 90L$

T-Shirt: $$ - NyTrO - $$ Mesh T.shirt Loose Street vers Woman (New Release)

Shorts: ::DUTCH TOUCH:: Jumpsuit Denim

Socks: Mimikri-Maxine Overknee Socks

Shoes: Bax Coen Designs-Bax Booties Black Reptile

martedì 14 agosto 2012

°o.O MoonLighT GreeN O.o°

A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that it sees the dawn before the rest of the world.

Style card

Hair: [|||] Illusory Hair

Eyeshadow: Madrid Solo - Vixen Eyeshadow

Lipgloss: S(and)P Kiss Me!

Dress,Necklace,Pendant & Skirt: "Moon Light Green" Gold In The Night Elisea Carter

Shoes: N-core Sense 2 "Champagne"


domenica 12 agosto 2012


        The fire is the soul of all light, and light winds the fire.

Style Card
Earrings,Necklace,Ring,Tunic & shoes: New Summer Collection *FUOCOTunic* INNUENDO ITALIAN STYLE by Ciccia Bergamasco

sabato 11 agosto 2012


Trees do not betray, do not hate, just radiating happiness and love!


Style Card

Hair: .b-ffwd Cayenne

Make Up: Pink Acid-Fierce Kitty Face Make Up

Necklace: Finesmith-Drops of Pink

Dress: E-Clipse - One Shoulder Bagged Shirt (Rose)

Shoes: N-core Poison "Pink"

venerdì 10 agosto 2012


                Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea!


Style Card

Hair:Pelle-CANDYLADY Hair Blonde

Earrings & Necklace:Finesmith-Enlightened

Eyelashes:***Chaisuki*** eyelashes 49

Eyeshadow:Pink Acid-Dark Angel Eyeshadow

Lipgloss:Pink Acid-Diva Lip Gloss

Top:$$ - NyTrO - $$ MESH Tank Top Urban STRIPES Version Woman

Shorts:Devilish Designs-Kylie Jean Shorts Dark Blue

Shoes:N-core PinUp "Sea"



                                         show must go on...


Style Card

Hair:Pelle-Alessia Hair Black/Green

Eyelashes:***Chaisuki*** eyelashes 49

Lipgloss:Pink Acid-Diva Lip Gloss

Necklace:Finesmith-Pretentious Necklace

Top:$$ - NyTrO - $$ MESH Tank Top Graffiti Version Woman

Shorts:Devilish Designs-Kylie Jean Shorts Dark Blue

Shoes:N-core Poison "Orange"