sabato 29 settembre 2012

tO Be uNiQuE

Elegance of thought!


Style Card

Hair: Tuty's - Limbo

Earrings ,Necklace,Bracelets,Dress,Shoes: To Be Unique - Alyssia Outfit

(included HUD Outfit  for change  Dress, Gems,Metal,Shoes)


venerdì 28 settembre 2012


Born To be Alive!!!


Style Card

Hair: PELLE - Vera Hair Black

Earrings & Necklace: ::PM::  Margo Set

Dress: AsHmOoT - MESH Hung  MiniDress Multicolor 01

Boots: Bax & Coen Design - Prestige Boots Black Latex

giovedì 27 settembre 2012

prelude to winter

Summers always fly ... Winters walk!


Style Card

Hair: Vanity Hair - Florette

Earrings & Ring: Zibska - Bebe Jewelry Set

Coat: ][PULL][   Melissa Coat  (also in Black,Brown,Dark Green)

Legging: Ison - Leather Leggings Black

Boots: Maitreya - Radical Boots *Suede Coal

mercoledì 26 settembre 2012


I'm thinking I had better go to the Ivory Coast ...


Style Card

Hair: LoQ Hair - Marsmallow

Hat: **NYU - Fedora Hats Mesh


Dress,Belt & Shoes:*IVORY* Innuendo Italian Style by Ciccia Bergamasco



martedì 25 settembre 2012

# MiLiTarY #

There are no guns to kill ... but the people!


Style Card

Hair: DeTaleeZ - Mohican

Skin: -POUDRE- [PIPER] Full Pack P

Make Up : Nuuna's Tatto Layer Makeups v7

Earring: RYCA - CER platinum

Sweater,Jeans, Top : $$ - NyTro- $$ MESH Simple Military Outfit Woman

Shoes:{Amoureuse2} My Little Leather Flats


lunedì 24 settembre 2012

° Hanna °

Style Card

Hair: Vanity Hair - tubular Bells / Flavoured Gradients

Eyeliner 1: Miamai - XGen_Vintage Liner Black

Eyeliner2: Miamai - LesMakeups_YukiWinterNight

Lipgloss: blackLiquid - Gold sheer shimer

Collar & Bangles: blackLiquid Jewelry - Orbital Solar

Dress: ][PULL][  HANNA Dress

Style Card

Hair: TuTy's  Limbo Black

Earrings & Ring: MorantiQue - Lush/Viktoria Collection

Eyeshadov:+ Nuuna+ Kati MakeUps

Eyeliner: Miamai - LesMakeups_YukiWinterNight

Lipgloss: S (and) P Kiss Me!

Dress. ][PULL][  HANNA Dress

Shoes: N-core Ultraplatform "Noir Intense"

I have the simplest tastes, I am always satisfied with the best.


I never think of the future, so arrive early.

Style Card

Hair: Vanity hair - Tubular bells / Flavoured Gradients

Face Tatoo: Nuuna's Tatto layer Makeups v7

Lipstick: Glam affair - Vanity Lips 06

Dress & Shoes : AshmOot Futura Dress Black

mercoledì 19 settembre 2012

*Casual Chic*

Like me, no one ever!


Style card

Hair: Vanity Hair - Florette

Earrings: EarthStones - Timeless Pearl  (Black Pearl / Gold)

Bracelet: EarthStones - Pave Set Pearl (Black/Gold)

Sunglasses: *Innuendo* Sunglasses by Ciccia Bergamasco

Handbag: Maitreya Leather Satchel

Dress: K.E.N.Z.A. Casual Chic MESH Dress Silk White ( also in Blue,Cyan,Green,Pink,Red)

Shoes: N-core Ultraplatform "Noir Intense"


lunedì 17 settembre 2012

{ RainForest }

The rain is the descent of heaven on earth...


Style Card

Hair: Vanity Hair - Tubular Bells

Umbrella : L'accessoires - Boudoir [ Meowbrella White]

Boots: L'accesoires - Boudoir [White Cat Boots]

Rain Coat: K.E.N.Z.A.  Fashion Rain Coat  (Pink)

Socks: Kyoot - Lacey White Knee Socks

venerdì 14 settembre 2012


Pray gather me, Anemone,
Thy flower forevermore!

Style Card

Hair:  ::Fab-U-Louse::  Tiffany B

Eyes: POUDRE - [Bright II ]08

Skin: POUDRE - [Chloe] MT Bundle

Sunglasses,Earrings,Shirt,Denim Shorts, Handbag,Ring,Bracelets,Shoes: *ANEMONE*Innuendo  Italian Style by Ciccia Bergamasco (NEW PROMO)

giovedì 13 settembre 2012

::CoLorFul MoMenTs::

 Style Card

Hair: Vanity Hair - WakeUp Alone

Earrings & Necklace: ::PM:: Margo Set

Shirt: ][PULL][   SERA Orange

Leggings: ][PULL][ SERA Leggings

Shoes: N-core Poison "Orange"

 Style Card

Hair: Pelle - Angy Hair Fuxia

Lasches: Pelle - Lashes Black/Fuxia

Earrings & Ring: Zibska - Bebe

Shirt: ][PULL][ SERA Fuxia

Leggings: ][PULL][ SERA Leggings

Shoes: [Diktator] - Chic Fuxia/Silver

 Style Card

Hair: [LeLutKa] - Rush Hair

Earrings & Necklace: :: PM:: Bubble Orange Set

Shirt: ][PULL][ SERA Brown

Leggings: ][PULL][ SERA Leggings

Boots: *May's Soul* Indian Boots

 Style Card

Hair: >TRUTH< - Tamina Ivory

Necklace: {SMS} Native Bead Necklace Silver

Bracelet: erratic - Cuff / Silver

Shirt: ][PULL][ SERA Plum

Leggings: ][PULL][ SERA Leggings

Shoes: N-core Soleil "Silvered"

Style Card

Hair: eXxEsS - Zarya

Necklace: [glow] Italian Briolette / Gold

Shirt: ][PULL][ SERA Yellow

Leggings: ][PULL][ SERA Leggings

Shoes: {Amoureuse2} My Little Leither Flats / LightSeaGreen


The passion of their color dyes everything it touches.

lunedì 10 settembre 2012


The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by how it treats animals.


Style Card

Hair: [[Loovus Dzevavor]] - Swing

Eyeshadow: ..::N::.. W.G.A.S. Leopard black

Top & Leither Legging: K.E.N.Z.A - "Leo Fashion"

Shoes: Similar - Otranto

sabato 8 settembre 2012

Dark Soul

You can go all around the world
Trying to find something to do with your life, baby...

Style Card

Hair: DeeTaleZ - Mohican

Hairbase: DeeTaleZ - Shaved Flowery

Earrings: RYCA - Ligt Silver

Make Up:+Nuuna+ Glam Rock (black)

Jacket & Skirt: E-Clipse - RockMeOut

Boots: ISON - Carazon Boot